So anyway I'm on a budget -again-. This time, I'm allowing myself a bit to use for whatever, instead of it being strictly bills and whatnot!

Anyway, brief run-through while I'm waiting for my frozen dinner thing to cool down *what do you expect from someone working at a movie theater? XD*
Friday--nothing happened really. Work work work was all that was!
Saturday was the fun/exhausting day! XD It was my little cousin's sixth birthday party. We went to this awesome pool place in Arlington; kinda like a kiddie version of a Hurricane Harbor or whatever water theme park you have, yet without all the stuff. It had one slide, and then a bunch of little pools connected to the Lazy Stream thingy whatever they call it XD But the awesome part was how it wasn't crowded despite its smallness, andddd the pool's deepest parts *mostly every part* was only 3ft 8inches!!!! XD SOOO AWESOME!!!!
Why do you say that? Shouldn't I like deeper water? XD heck no! I can't swim!!! surprised? XD not really. never had a pool, and i'm not fond of them---i pin that to my near-drowning experience as a kid. Anyway, we got there around 1pm... left around 5pm i think it was? anyway, i stubbed one of my little toes on my left foot against one of the step things. So now its bruised something ugly. Yesterday i was major limping; i was major limping today too, its a bit better thank goodness. So anyway, birthday girl and my aunt and them were still playing in the pool, but we were pooped out, so we dried off, changed clothes, and headed tooooooo... HALF PRICE BOOKS! :D
I got to finally return a twenty dollar PS3 game (midnight club LA) that I'd gotten during that trip to Galveston we went to weeks ago. But, naturally, I found stuff. I'd post them up now, but I haven't any pictures or anything. Let's just say I got more than one thing for the price of that game. *make that.... six things hehe*
Anyway I'll make sure to post another blog with pictures about the goodies I got ^^
After that fun, we went back to the cousin's house and had cake, stayed for a bit, then headed home. I was soooo tired!! But my coughing, which has been consistently annoying me since Friday or Thursday I think? keeps hindering a peaceful early sleep.....

For those who don't know *all of you lol* I've been going to bed around midnight and waking up at nine-ish so I can eat breakfast now before work ^_^ Starting a better routine! Hoping it helps this weirdly extensive sickness go away! I'm tired of coughing, it's wrecking havoc like a giant headache on my brain! D: Not to mention my chest hurts XD

....which was basically what all today was in the box office. It rained today, that was the only good point XD i think anyway....

Uhhh that's about it. I'll upload pics and stuff tomorrow maybe ^_^

2 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

I have a few comments for you dew!

1. Arlington is awesome! I went to my snr prom at Arlington Stadium (back in 97)

2. I cant believe you dont like to swim! Is it being in the sun? The water? Why dont you like it?

3. I am glad to hear you are on a sleeping schedule! This is a good thing, I am sure! ^^

4. Can't wait to see the new goodies!

5. I hope you are feeling better and I miss you on AD!!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon, dee. Sorry to hear you haven't been doing so well lately. =/

I don't like swimming either! lol But that's mostly because I'm always afraid I'll drown, oh, and the fact that I never learned how to swim in the first place, lol!

And I really like the look of your blog...But it seems a bit more serious now...^^

Take care, hope to see you in the CB soon.