Anime Updates ^^

THEY ARRIVED IN THE MAIL WHILE I WAS AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

And then of course there was the other from amazon that I got on Tuesday I think it was :)

Anyway, here they are! Wait is over for you guys ^^

From Amazon.com I got, for $28.49
Bleach Season 2: The Entry

And the rest is from rightstuf.com ^_^ my new second favorite place to buy anime and stuff---Half Price Books will always be my favorite >.> But rightstuf.com's bargain bin is awesome XD too awesome to pass up!

So here we go....

Up first is RahXephon volume 2~~$5.00~
One of the three discs in the series that I don't have... Unfortunately, it isn't a thinpack case, like the others I own. So it's going to look soo out of place XD

Gundam Seed Destiny volume 2~~$5.00~
The last one I needed to complete this series! Woot!!

Trigun volume 3~~$5.00~
Also the last one I needed to complete the Trigun series. woot! hahaha... as you can tell though, kinda like the RahXephon case, this one is not going to match with the others. Why you ask? Because it's part of the Signature Series---the ones I have are not XD

Fat/Stay/Night volume 1 with ost~~$5.00~
Five dollars for an anime and it's ost... when each were four dollars a piece. Gee... no brainer!!

And last but not least...
Comic Party, complete thinpack~~$15.00~
.... I just liked this series, enough said :)

And there you have it. The update for this week I guess you could say :P
I just purchased the complete Cromartie High School---a really hilarious anime series that was actually cheaper to buy individual dvds of on rightstuf.com rather than buy the special daily thing that was around thirty dollars!!! instead---with stupid shipping >.>---i spent $21. though without it was $12 XD darn shipping and handling >.>
I should be getting that set around Monday or Tuesday. So excited! The show is hilarious, though episodes are short, it's well worth the money. I'm sure I'll be watching it a lot! As I told my brother, this show is now on my top ten faves---it's number ten though LOL

Uhm that's about it. I'll let you guys know what i think of Fate/stay night... as I haven't watched an episode before, but have heard it's quite good. That's about it, so... until next time... LOVE YOUR ANIME! :D

2 remarks you left for me!:

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is (and dee, you're so not going to be surprised by this, hehe) that the only thing that seemed prominent for me in this blog post was this item: Gundam Seed Destiny volume 2!!!! x_x

I know, I know, so horrible of me to completely skip over the other awesome buys.

I should also say of course, that the price is awesome: only $5?!?!!?
Lucky girl! ^^

Dew-chan said...

:D i'm a bargain digger! LOL XD
did i tell you that that was the most expensive dvd in the set? the others i got for three dollars ^_^ hence why i bought them in the individual boxes, instead of those two volume Anime Legend box sets ^^