:P I'm soooo boredddddd. . . . .
I haven't watched any of the animes I'm working on or started yesterday. . . I just feel like a blob. It's kinda hot, too :P
I gave some thought of going to AnimeFest this year. But I might not do it because of money issues T_T Sad sad sad.... I want to go, but I don't think it's wise at this point. Though it seems like a long time from now, my slightly less than 3 years before being kicked out to move on my own, it really isn't that far away. Need to get some things settled and such. And that means no overspending!!!! >.>

Anyway.... EPIC BOREDOMNESSS begets the strangest things.....

Anyway, those are roughly done, because I also added the stuff coming in the mail---hopefully soon! XD


Awesomness has just struck :D
I got a bucketload of Perfume songs! ^(^w^)^ I'm sooo happy!!!!! Perfume is like my all time favorite Japanese group :)

Hmmm..... oh and some other tunes too.... :P hehehe

Uhhhh I'm drawing big blanks here, so I guess I'll just end this :P

Shame I don't have more readers >.>

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