. . . . suddenly I feel as if I'm missing something because Eureka reminds me of Eureka 7--which I haven't watched X_X

Uhm anyway.... I found my adaptor... So yesssss pictures of the updates! :D It's a bit rough for the DVDs as I haven't watched/checked them yet... going to after this though I think :)

Anyway... without further ado..... the stuff I bought last week (I MIGHT miss a few things, I'm not sure...)

All right... IDR when exactly I bought this. But I'm pretty sure it was last week. Kiddy Grade volume 3. That makes two out of however many there are, that I have :D whew...

Wedding Peach volumes 3 and 6. I now have volumes 1 and 2 of the manga, and it's pretty much one of those "Sailor Moon" types. Pretty funny, and for three dollars, why not get these? :D

Cromartie High School. COMPLETE!!! I'm eager to finish up this series. It's hilarious! and short! Each episode is like ten minutes O_O

Trigun volume 2.... $2... what more can I say? ^.~

Lone Wolf and Cub. this I think I used one of the coupons on? I'm not sure.... O.o; Anyway... It's pretty good. Volume 1 of the series ^^

Kingdom Hearts complete; three dollars each, i think? Anyway--too lazy to check even though the shelf is rightttt by me!---This series isn't my fave. As a matter of fact, I'm not buying any more XD The facial expressions are hilarious, but they jump to the next episode right when the last one just started getting good. BLAH! Not a favorite. Also in the background is another by I bought not-clearanced. Thickness volume 1 Mao-chan! :D i love it actually, and was embarrassed/surprised to find out it was written by the same guy who writes Love Hina! *tis why they're right by each other; i rearranged the shelf by authors now*

Vampire Knight volume 2. I like this series :) 'nuff said! >=D

train-man densha otoko. volume 1. based on the movie Train-Man *which i reaaaallyyy want to see!!!!* and i found another manga in the same series I think? Called train-man. I didn't buy that one :( wahh! should have XD grrr... anyway....

DEATH NOTEEEE!!!! Slowly and surely I'm getting them :D And actually these are ones that I don't mind buying 'new' instead of clearanced hehe. So they're about four to five dollars each. Now i'm only lacking volumes 2, 11, 12, 13!!!!! :D

Hot Gimmick. a shojo. i like shojos, and this one looked pretty good after flipping through a few pages. now i just hope i can find volume 1!! XD

Naruto was two dollars each; and though some might shoot me for having this series, others will applaud XD i just bought them cuz i kinda like them, and gosh.. they were only two dollars each guys!!! O_O on top of it is By the Sword volume 1, haven't read it yet.. but anything with a sword in the title or on the cover or in the description.. well it catches my attention ^^ another clearance.... and another clearanced: Saiyuki volume 2. IDK howwww many of Saiyuki i've seen on my hunts during HPB! I finally went on and bought this one. haven't read it yet. hoping to get volume 1 first LOL. above that is one i hadn't seen before: Gamerz Heaven volume 2. basically, reading the description, it reminded me instantly of the .hack style of people getting into virtual games then something happens. haha! anyway, looked pretty good... and for only $2.48 *not clearanced! i love HPB like that... hehe* i couldn't resist this one which i hadn't seen before.

Technically the Star Trek manga I didn't buy until today. It's the first---maybe only?--manga that I've bought FULL PRICE!!!! GASP! How dare I you ask? Well that's easy. It was a gift card I got so to speak free as a deal when you buy Guitar Hero Smash Hits -this was some weeks ago- soooo.... the way I look at it, it's kinda free. HAHAHA!!! :D
The rest are .hack//twilight 3 the one i was missing; and .hack//another birth, $2 of course.


and now.... this one's going to take a while @.@

Basically we have the three dollar DVDs i found at my favorite HPB that i said wasn't a fave, but it's still standing firmly in it's place anyway because of THESE!!! hehehe All right.. we have going from bottom to top: Black Jack the movie *was not $2*; Innocent Venus volumes 1, 2; Get Backers volume 1, 2; Strait Jacket; Sasami Magical Girls Club season 1 *two discs inside*; S-CRY-ed volumes 4, 5, 6 which means i only have volume 1 to complete this.. now these dvds were fairly scratched so i gotta check them to ensure they play; RahXephon volumes 4, 5 *finishing touch that i needed to complete, aside from the movie which i almost got but didn't blahhh!* again i need to watch these because they are scratched; Beet the Vandel Buster volume 1, nicely wrapped up so i probably won't worry about this one lol; Once Upon a Time in Mexico... yes i know, not anime. but i LOVE that movie! Johnny Depp! <3 hehehehe (don't be jealous, Wes :P he's only an actor lol) then there's Kamikaze Girls. gotta watch that, dunno whether it's good or not, it looked it though; then in chinese/japanese form is The Forbidden Kingdom, and King and the Clown. i reallyyy need to check these because i'm not too sure if they work. they're like my Death Note LA movies, so i'm figuring they will, but i'll check anyway.

then on the farrrr right you can see two mangas. these are also new: Battle Royale 1, 3. i must inform anyone interested that these mangas are rated Mature! and for good reason! so if you don't like that stuff, don't buy these XD i liked them anyway >.> hehehe

sooooo i think that's all....
anyway, i'm off to update the ridiculously behind list on my other blog post. so... bai bai! :D

Okay I just checked King and the Clown, its wrong region code. waaah... Forbidden Kingdom won't do anything on the computer so i get to check it later. just watched Kamikaze Girls. I LOVE IT!!!!! :D it even has Anna Tsuchiya in it! love her! :D

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~avie~ said...

WOW! All sorts of hawtness!

I agree about Kingdom Hearts - I tried to read it and it did nothing for me... It never 'flowed' right for me!

Naruto is an amazing series. Yeah, it seems to be very mainstream but that is because so many people love it. Dude, I have cried watching it. I own all the manga thru vol. 33 and I have the 1st 8 box dvd sets. :)

Dew-chan said...

haha Wes hates Naruto so it was funny to flaunt this at him hahaha! XD i'm going to watch my uncut boxsets sometime soon but watch them with the japanese voice actors instead of the english dub like i did before when i rented out the volumes from the library ^^