^_^ Here we go...

VOILA! :D The new mangas!!!

From Left to Right:
Beck volume 2, 4
Bleach volume 1, 2
Candidate for Goddess volume 2, 4
Claymore volume 1
Comic Party volume 1, 3
Crimson Hero volume 1-3
Dr. Slump volume 6
Death Note volume 11, 12
Dragon Ball Z volume 2
Dragon Hunter volume 12
Et Cetera volume 4
FLCL volume 1
Gentlemen's Alliance volume 1
Get Backers volume 1
Heaven! volume 1
Immortal Rain volume 1-4
LiLing Po volume 1-3
Love Hina volume 9
Negima! volume 14, 15
Onegai Twins
Penguin Revolution volume 1, 2
Petite Cossette volume 1, 2
Pita-Ten volume 1
Real Bout High School volume 3
Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 25
Tactics volume 1
Zodiac P.I. volume 1-2

on top from left to right:
Zettai-Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) volume 3 [in original Japanese]
Sword of the Dark Ones volume 1
Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode volume 1

all of these were $2 except FLCL, which was $1 because there was a bit of a rip on the back cover. TAPE! :D

Anyway that's all ^_^

4 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

Nice stuff!!! I cant believe you got them for $2 each! Great deal!

22GT said...

Hey, another crazy writer like me! Nice blog, I like it. Keep it up! =)
And as for the world of manga...I only have a few mangas myself, but I do feel like getting myself to read some really good ones. Where and how did you get those for such a cheap price?!

Sieg said...

quit cheating dee

Dew-chan said...

how am i cheating, Sieg? O_o