i refuse to go to slee. . . zzzzzzz.. . . . .

So anyway, rebelling against my newly input bedtime schedule.... I'm awake at 2 am. I think I'm too hyped up over something, but I'm not sure what. I figure it's the new anime I got cheap yesterday, online shopping as part of my new budget.

What's that, you say?
It's called an allowance ^_^ It's so far helping me not spend a hundred dollars in one place. I average about $20 a week, maybe... Depending on how nice the paycheck is :P Last week was not so grand, but I didn't care XD

Anyway, a friend via youtuber and twitter told me about rightstuf.com's bargain bin and such, and I finally checked it out yesterday because I was reaaaallyyy bored. Come to find out, we had nothing planned for the 4th of July T_T ----I'll get to what happened during the fireworks in a bit---So I was uber bored and decided to check it out.

This was... like... heaven O_O
The bargain bin held so many goodiessssss I wanted to buy them alllll!!!! Amazingly I limited myself to about forty dollars, and that's with the eleven dollar shipping via UPS--i don't trust our mail all that much, so i went UPS. I'll talk about the purchases another day. ATM i'm just rambling because I can't make a video where I talk XD hahaha! (been wanting to do one of my anime and manga collection for months now but can't get the bravery to ask if i can borrow our video camera... yet... i will one of these days ^^

Anyway, getting off track....

I bought maybe five things on there I think? For the most part, they were missing DVDs on sale that I needed to complete some collections I had.

I compared the prices of a few of these bargains with amazon.com--another place I buy online ^^... some were cheaper used on there, so i refrained. While scrounging through amazon, however, i found something i jaw-dropped to. Bleach Season 2. $28.49!!!! XD When i bought season 1 at HPB, they also had Season 2. Thirty dollars, then, it was. I didn't buy it there---and now i'm glad!

So anyway... that's all the cyber fun i had, besides watching more D.Gray-Man *new homework assignment so to speak by the anime guy from work ^^*

Now for the lame 4th of July *next year i'm working XD fireworks just don't hold any magic anymore for me :(*
Amazing coolness is that fireworks are visible from our neighborhood. We just have to walk down to the corner and voila. However, upon doing this, my brother ended up sitting on an ant pile O_O.... he's slightly allergic to the bites, but he's doing okay. last year, he got bit by ants, too... i'm wondering if next year he'll frown and go "i'm not going" XD
Oooo another fun fact: bro's learning how to drive. He's been learning for a while, and he's pretty good at it too! :)

^_^ now I just remembered something... I was wondering... Do you guys prefer the updates via pictures, or the short videos? :) Just wanting imput!
Miss everyone on AD :( totally stinks that work is driving me away from basically everything. I need another job... but my raise is due real soon... T_T so it's frustrating to think I'm leaving just shy of earning that twenty cents! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... idk if it's even $.20 >.> XD i won't know until next week-ish... blahhh... i hate box office.
people expect you to know how good the new movies we get in are, but they never let us view them when we get 'em... unless we went to the main theaters (ours is a discount one) to watch it when it first came out. T_T i might, if the theater we get to go in free wasn't fifteen hundred miles away >=O *exaggerated but who cares?*

>.> so that's my ranting for now.
i'm pretty much a bubbling, walking human of unhappiness right now XD
Anyway... at least i'm pretty much over my illness or whatever it was that was messin' with me for two weeks TT_TT..... so there concludes, i guess, this rant/blog.

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~avie~ said...

Glad you are finally feeling better!!!!

Hmmm, Texas fire ants... I sat in a fire ant hill once when i was about 10... not a good situation. Those things are evil. We have them here in OK but NOT like in Texas.

I like when you post pictures. That is my fav!

Everyone on AD misses you too!!!!

Cheer up, okies?