this week . . .

Shall be interesting.

Got my room redone finally---thanks family for helping! ^^--and HPB has coupons of discounts for single items this week. I can only hope I'm off Sunday!!! XD the majorly big coupon, 50% off, is on that day!!! :D

Anyway, I bought some manga, and two dvds today. Used a coupon that was actually for this and next month. 15% off the entire purchase, so I saved a bit of money ^^ Saved money anyway because it's HPB ;D hahaha
Anyway... uhm... Expect pictures of a bunch of things LOL But not soon XD hahaha

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~avie~ said...

HEY HEY DEWCHAN!!!! Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog much - I have been at my local Anime Con and now I am leaving again for a work trip!!! I just wanted to say hello! :)

I have pics of the con on my site - if you want to check it out!

Hope all is well!! Have fun at HPB with the coupon! YEAH FOR CHEAPS STUFFS!!! ^^ *hugs*

Dew-chan said...

haha that's all right! ^^ i know the feeling of busy-ness @.@

:D wish i could've popped by to say "hi!" checked out the pictures, looks like you had quite an arrangement to sell!