I feel like I'm being sucked into the realm of busy! XD Saturday was AWESOME! Got me some manga, some CDs, saw Monsters vs Aliens *loved it btw!!!* and ate for the first time at Steak n' Shake... which was awesome as well! Then at Walmart, I finally got something to use to reorrganize my room totally and completely! I'll be getting rid of two of the smaller shelves in my room and my desk. And in place, i have like 13 of these drawer thingies that are colorized. I can't wait to show you guys what it'll look like! Hopefully I'll have a few spots for some of my anime posters finally! XD Might take down the inspirational pictures, some anyway I'm tired of. But I'm not taking down my Starry Night photomosaic!!! it's staying up! :D

Anyway... as i said, I did buy some things when we went to Half Price Books. I was most certain I'd find SOMETHING!!! I ended up finding a few clearanced manga, then ended up getting a really thick one, volume one of Mao-chan <--kiddish manga, but those are sometimes my favorites! LOL! Anyway... I found like eight, i think, bags that had like maybe six tops comics in each bag. They were three dollars each, and for teh most part that I could tell, they were ALL Blade of the Immortal. A samurai story I haven't really went into yet. I was close to buying them, but I haven't even read the other comics of anime/manga that i have so I decided to save my money and not buy the comics.

I got a Sakura Wars soundtrack for cheap, two discs! then two others I have yet to listen to because i was so busy! @.@ I'm even kinda speeding this along XD if you couldn't tell, then maybe I've gotten better at typing or... something...???? IDK!!! I'm too tired to make sense!! :D

Uhhh anyway.... I'll have to upload pics of what I bought, and then of the newly redesigned room. ^.^ should be a blast! i've got it in my head of its awesomeness... i just hope it turns out okay! It should since my mom's helping---i think!!! She's great at this kinda thing :)

Uhhmmm anyway that's all for now. Later!

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