So Cromartie is taking a bit longer than expected because righstuf is doing their inventory! T_T they just shipped it the other day, so I'm guessing it'll be here by Tuesday. BLAHHH!!!!! D: i no wanna wait!!! XD

On the lack of waiting news... I just had a blast today after work at Half Price Books ^^ we went to two of them. One I found a bunch of dvds for $3 each :D and the other I got $2 mangas, and volume one of Death Note; anddd the Black Jack movie which i didn't realize they had made O_O i used my coupon on that xD
Pictures will come soon, IDK when but they'll come... LOL!!!

I'm hoping for an awesomeness Sunday. That's the fifty percent off coupon O_O Epic! :D

2 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

I have seen the Black Jack movie!!! I really liked it!

Sounds like you are building an awesome collection! :)

Dew-chan said...

i am!!! i'm sooo excited! i'll do an update video with an actual camera and do some narration around the first of next year ^^ then i'll have the awesomeness of whatever i buy from here to then, and then christmas goodies in between :D

i've seen like the first volume disco of Black Jack. it's pretty cool! i wanna get the manga novel :D