I'm feeling musical today...

I was bored some time ago, I don't remember when.... So anyway I was going through last.fm (I have the app on my iTouch, that's what I was using ^^), just randomly going through K-pop and J-pop songs. And boy did I find a bunch of awesome ones!
Soo good are they that I think I'll share them with you guys :D

Hope you enjoy!!! ^_^
Just click on the song, and it will take you to the video on youtube :)

ガラガラGO!! / ビッグバン

BIGBANG featuring 2NE1 - Lollipop [MV] [HQ]

High and Mighty Color - Hot Limit [PV]

Ketchup Mania - Namida Vaccum [PV]

G-DRAGON - Heartbreaker (OFFICIAL MV) HQ

2NE1 - Fire [Space] *this was the best version of two: street and space*

Tae Goon - Call Me [Dance Version]

After School - Diva

After School - Ah

DaVichi - Love and War (with subs!)

DaVichi - 8282 (Hurry Hurry)

And this last one has two versions: the one i'm sending you guys to is the single scene where they're dancing ^^
안무 {Super Junior} - 영상 {SORRY SORRY}

Anyway that's all for now! ^_^ Hope you guys enjoyed! :D


fun stuff *INCLUDES a mini-manga review!*

Sooooo I finished Samurai Champloo.
Talk about utterly random and hilarious XD
It was soooo far from the anime that I was all, wow... where was this scene and this scene and...

So which to do first? Read Samurai Champloo, or watch it? I would say READ it. Because the anime has closure, the manga really doesn't unless you read the BOGUS VOLUME 2!!!! :D LOL XD I am serious.....
Anyway.... sore throat... booo

But on the happier note... I'm talking to Wes again! :D yeah!!!! It was a very hard and depressing week and such without him X_X I'm glad he's back!

Errmm... so that's about it... I think....
Later y'all! :D



. . .hahahah. . . Here's my kinda lame attempt at a review XD

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah for vlogs! This one was going around youtube and I happened upon it. Naturally I was all "oooo i wanna do this!" :D
I was kinda disappointed about what tunes it picked, so be expecting a Japanese/Anime version :3 hehehe

On a similar and more annoyed note... I had done a version for my Zune, and was uploading it to youtube. I just checked its status after sweeping floors... TT_TT it said it had an error... This thing, mind you, had an uploading time count down of 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_X So yes... It had about maybe thirty minutes left perhaps? -frustrated-

Anyway.... >.>
Ooohhh I'm also going to be finishing the editing on the last of my cd collection vids :D Anyway... later! *flies off*


Just Something Random (not a vid *sad sad*)

Well of course it's not a vid XD it's 12:43am :P the peeps are sleepin'! And I will be soon too :D

Just for random fun, though, I thought I would do an interesting post of my Top 20 iTunes / Zune songs :D
Just so you can take a peak into my musical world.... Of course, the iTunes one takes forever for new goodies to reach the top XD hahaha anyway I'm going by the play count of the songs ^^ enjoy! or not... whichever you choose >:D

~~MY iTunes TOP 20~~
20. "Blood Sugar" - Pendulum
19. "I Kissed a Girl" - Katy Perry
18. "Second Chance" - Shinedown
17. "Devour" - Shinedown
16. "Forever" - Chris Brown
15. "Break the Ice" - Britney Spears
14. "This World Is Watching Me" - Armin Van Buuren vs Rank 1
13. "Knights of Cydonia" - Muse
12. "Womanizer" - Britney Spears
11. "Dreams Come True" - S.E.S.
10. "Tired of Being Alone" - Schiller featuring Tarja Turunen
09. "LoveStoned/I Think She Knows (Tiesto Remix)" - Justin Timberlake
08. "I'm a Gummy Bear" - Gummibar
07. "Caramelldancing (Radio Mix)" - Caramell
06. "Ready, Set, Go! (AFI/Blaqk Audio Remix)" - Tokio Hotel
05. "Let It Rock" - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
04. "Hot N Cold" - Katy Perry
03. "Caramelldansen (Speedy Mix)" - Caramell
02. "Circus" - Britney Spears
01. "Shattered Glass (Flashlight Remix)" - Britney Spears [[play count: 107]]

~~MY ZUNE TOP 20~~
20. "Tiffany Blews" - Fall Out Boy
19. "Paperback Writer (stereo)" - The Beatles
18. "Meteor" - T.M. Revolution
17. "Firefly (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)" - Mike Foyle
16. "Upside Down" - Boom Boom Satellites
15. "Glaze" - Arctic Quest
14. "Chelsea (Morgan Page Remix)" - Stefy
13. "White Smoke" - Arctic Quest
12. "Space Trip (Pattraxx Club Remix)" - Earth Shy-T
11. "Meltdown (Original Mix)" - Arctic Quest
10. "Meltdown (Tech Mix)" - Arctic Quest
09. "Bidibodi Bidibu" - Bubbles
08. "Somebody's Watching Me" - Mysto & Pizzi [[fun fact: this is the song you hear on the new Geico commercials]]
07. "Shattered Glass (Flashlight Remix)" - Britney Spears
06. "Invoke" - T.M. Revolution
05. "Drowning (Radio Edit)" - Groove Box
04. "Samba De Janeiro (Radio Edit)" - Bellini
03. "Here We Go" - Ozomatli
02. "Can't Stop" - Ozomatli
01. "Dear You (Vocal)" - Peshay[? unsure of the artist as i downloaded the song]

So anyway, that's a sneak peak into my media players! ^_^


manga update :3

check out my new vlogging channel please :D


Late-night post :)

So kinda bored as I watch Star Trek Voyager (dont get me wrong, I love these episodes, but with little 7 of 9 in this one, my attention kinda diverts XD hahaha)

Anyway I decided to upload a little update of my purchases some hours ago :)
We went to HPB, Mom was looking for a Japanese-learning book (yep! her and bro are going to learn Japanese, and once she finds those books, I am too :D) So naturally I tagged along. Got me some goodies, all CDs actually. Here's some of my prizes:


51 THINGSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So this is one of those fun random things you can find oodles of video responses for :)
I did a slideshow on the otakusRawesome youtube account, then finally finished up the video version i had tried to do yesterday but surrendered XD

Anyway, enjoy!!!! :D

(PS this is going to play in HD >.>) I'm so happy for myself to have figured out how to get my vids in HD XD

(okay forget HD, it's too big for the blog! LOL!!!)


I have a headache the size of king kong (so it seems), i'm super tired at the moment, and i'm basically bored and restless because of this.

I was going to do a vlog on my new youtube channel (CLICK HERE) but..... well... not feeling up to it kinda hinders that -_-

Anyway.... here's a random picture of my awesome Robotech wall scroll:


I Made a Video Response to WhatTheBuckShow :D

seriously! :D

go watch the original vid then see if you can hunt down mine in the manyyyy manyyyy video resposts.

if you don't want to do that: here's the original video URL

and mine:

Lazy ;D hahaha



Dj Mix! :D

I was lately having trouble with my Torq gear (aka the pc-dj gear i paid a hundred dollars for). I was in the mood to mess with it for a bit, so I ended up struggling with the problems that were making me mad. I figured out one troublemaker and made it right, but the other one I still have yet to figure out what I did. If you care to know... I somehow turned the crossfader on the mixer into a sort of scratching thing for the audio clip that's on the right side... it's kinda hard to explain without pictures.

So anyway, I had to manually use the touchpad to crossfade and stuff. But I did it!
It turned out a bit softer and jazzy-er than I expected for a second Drum n bass mix (my first being a thirty minute long 'crazy' mix where i tossed in a LOT of Drum n Bass tunes to create one insane mix XD)

Anyway if you care to listen... which i beg of you to do!!! Here's the URL:

Click Here

Sooo besides that, I'm happy :)
Been chatting with bro for the past hour or so about Christmas presents, anime, manga, and pokemon. Mostly the latter XD
So anyway, check out the mix, leave a comment and rate pleaseeeeee :D

Thanks a bunch ^_^

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manga reviews

So when one does a manga review, is it fair to review the mangas if you've not read it all? XD

just wondering what y'all's thoughts were on that.

anyway, feeling better. box office in the morning is hellish though kinda T.T it's like i dont want the fan on me, but i do... but i dont... bleh... makes me sick XD i'm glad i'm off tomorrow!

anyway i might also do a vlog >.>
supper's being made so i wont do it yet. hehehe i dont even know what to talk about! XD

anyway... i've been reading a lot of my manga lately, which is what brought on the subject of manga reviews ^_^


hey. . .

okay so i'm gloomy-gus today. can't explain why.

anyway, it's only up to part 9 now.... but all the cd collection vids that i've completed are here:
Cd Collection Playlist

that's the playlist.
comment, rate, blah blah


Dead Fantasy

Title says it all O_O
I'm hooked XD
i wanna do something martial artsy now with Final Fantasy characters... mainly Tifa XD
boyyy oh boyyy!!! @_@
my head's spinning XD it's almost one, i'm definitely going to need something relaxing to read before bed, otherwise i'm gonna be all 'waughhh!!!!' XD

anyway, here's what i'm talking about in case you haven't watched these awesome movies O_O



there's so far 5 parts D:
wahhhhh #_#



Hereeeee ya go! :D



XD ZOMG WTB BBQ!!!!!!!!!!

i want some BBQ now >.>

anyway, total random moment! I'm on a video streak, i swear! I'd be doing the cd collection video right now if it wasn't for me talking so loud i'd wake up the sleeping parents in the room right by mine XD

So anyway, I made this!

I hope it works out okay XD Song I used in there was the first fifteen seconds of "Tiffany Blews" by Fall Out Boy :D
I would have uploaded this to youtube but 1) they are doing stupid site maintenance, and 2) i kinda want to upload it to the not even made Kamikaze Strawberry Productions youtube channel where i vlog my butt off! :D

not literally >.>

anyway leave me comments so i know what you think!!!!


Vlog Test :)

So, being bored, not having time to do my CD collection video---that will be done on Tuesday, I promise!!!! :D Anyway, I decided to test out maybe a possible vlog? using the same video camera as other videos I've been doing lately. Music in the background is Smile.DK "Dragonfly".

Anyway... had little to nothing to talk about XD So let me know what you guys think! Any suggestions would be wonderfffulllyyyy welcomeeee!!!!!! :D

okay so I had to NOT go directly from the video camera XD so i'm going the roundabout way, producing it on this program and then uploading it THAT way.... Oh well, i realized it was wayyy to big in amount anyway to upload directly, probably why it took so long X_X Anyway... hope you guys enjoy :)

time- 5:28 pm.... shortly before i go to work... it's still not done uploading/processing. Sheesh if I knew THIS was going to happen, I'd just do my vlogs on a separate youtube channel... maybe name it after this one ;D

I might just do that. . . . O.o hmmmm.... interesting idea..... :D

time- 5:30pm... oh look its just NOW processing XD

time- 5:34pm . . . it finished! :D



:D yeah for internet words!!

Anyway... it's about two am... and i'm clearing out those obnoxious drawers i got from wal-mart >:D Why you ask? Well, Mom discovered awesome shelves for $17-ish each :D i got three, which should be plentiful for that side of the room. Anyway, i just emptied the drawers out, so now I've got an awesome mess!!!! :D CHYAH!!! XD
I bet you're wondering WHY in the WORLD am i doing this at TWO AM!!!!!???
Mom told me to.

hahahaha :D that's only half of the reason why XD It's because 1) tomorrow is my grandma's birthday party. We're going to this lake place, then coming back to our house for cake and ice cream, num num :D 2) the shelves can't stay forever in the back of my van @.@ And soooo comes to 3) In order to have this alllll finished before we leave for the party tomorrow morning... I have to clear this all outtttt before bed X_X Dad's going to do the transfer, then in the mornin' before we hop-skip-swim I get to go to wal-mart and say "HA HA!!! Take theseeee back and gimme my near-two hundred dollahhhssss!!" >:D

I know right?! Two hundred on those stupid things X_X I bought thirteen, i remember because the lady doing the count to check and make sure i wasn't stealing anything--as ifff ladyyy, besides you dont have anything worth stealing >.>--erm anywho... ^^; She made the remark about how thirteen was unlucky, which I smirked and stated, "can't be too unlucky cuz it's my birthday" She just grinned, a bit surprise and said "oh well I guess so". HAHAHAHAHA XD


What better way to wrap this up and do the "drop stuff off my bed onto the floor before sleep" routine, with a new 'tester' video... I dare say this one looks worse than the DVD collection T.T grrr....

VIDEO GAMES!!!! (I almost said 'anyway' again >.>)
Enjoy :D and goodnightttt :3


Definitely a test....

So anyway I figured out how to do some of the stuff, now I'm just testing videos recorded as uploaded on youtube.

Quality's a bit low, so I might mess about and figure out how to make it look better :3

Anyway, check it out ^_^

Okay... with that aside, I must say I'm super pumped!!! and now that I found the tripod and I've gotten the usual adrenaline for making videos, I'm actually thinking about doing a vlog of sorts... question is... what should it be about??? O.o


another set back

okay so i finally FINALLYYYYY decided on where and how to do this --kinda anyway? XD -- and so i'm picking through the CDs to arrange them so that i can hopefully do the video tomorrow morning after breakfast . . . and lo-and-behold.... disaster. i've got a few misplaced CDs... AGAIN X_X there's also some that i apparently forgot to put on the list, not so bad as misplacing some cds, though X_X so i apparently am in limbo about how many CDs i have until i find the missing ones.

also, i was doing practice stacks and apparently the fact that the foundation on the house is a bit messed up will affect this video considerably... it tilts the floor just enough where the stacks of CDs are dangerously tilting towards disasterously crashing into a domino affect with the other stacks.... -sigh-

on better news, i got my Robotech shadow chronicles wall scroll in the mail... but then again... i'm still messing with how to order my posters on the wall X_X

will this never end???? XD


Temporary set back

So the whole CD collection video is taking forever to do... it was going to be simplified by organization via storage containers. I'd recently bought two for the CDs... was just putting them in and i realize something I wish I'd noticed before: it's too short!!!! the CDs stick up, so the lid wont close properly!!!! X_X
So yeah... that totally kills that idea. So I'll have to take the storage containers back to Target and find something taller T_T I'm not happy... but at least I put the receipt inside one of the boxes, unlike a certain receipt for the drawers that I'm using for the dvds... yep, I don't like the drawers, and now I can't find the receipt!!! X_X

Anyway... Just a teaser, here's a picture of, two thirds I think, of my collection: CDs #305-#1005 (found my Hilary Duff missing CD so it's back on the list :D)

Yes in the middle of that arrangement is the book thing I use to number and keep track of my CDs :)
Also note that despite those being CDs 305-1005... this isn't including my Anime OSTs... I forgot to pop them in there XD Anyway.... the teaser video is up on my youtube account: check it out CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT
Check it out please :)