another set back

okay so i finally FINALLYYYYY decided on where and how to do this --kinda anyway? XD -- and so i'm picking through the CDs to arrange them so that i can hopefully do the video tomorrow morning after breakfast . . . and lo-and-behold.... disaster. i've got a few misplaced CDs... AGAIN X_X there's also some that i apparently forgot to put on the list, not so bad as misplacing some cds, though X_X so i apparently am in limbo about how many CDs i have until i find the missing ones.

also, i was doing practice stacks and apparently the fact that the foundation on the house is a bit messed up will affect this video considerably... it tilts the floor just enough where the stacks of CDs are dangerously tilting towards disasterously crashing into a domino affect with the other stacks.... -sigh-

on better news, i got my Robotech shadow chronicles wall scroll in the mail... but then again... i'm still messing with how to order my posters on the wall X_X

will this never end???? XD

3 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

Oooooo if you could get the domino effect thing caught on video... i would like to see that! kthnxbai

Dew-chan said...

maybe lol XD

Sieg said...

lol that would suck to clean up though xD