Dead Fantasy

Title says it all O_O
I'm hooked XD
i wanna do something martial artsy now with Final Fantasy characters... mainly Tifa XD
boyyy oh boyyy!!! @_@
my head's spinning XD it's almost one, i'm definitely going to need something relaxing to read before bed, otherwise i'm gonna be all 'waughhh!!!!' XD

anyway, here's what i'm talking about in case you haven't watched these awesome movies O_O



there's so far 5 parts D:
wahhhhh #_#

4 remarks you left for me!:

Wes said...



you just love anything with action and awesome fight scenes huh <3

Tiffa... <.< yeah.... she is the hawtst one too.... <.<


Tiffa vs Kamikaze Strawberry!?

I would explode with a giant nose bleed @.@

~avie~ said...

Poor Wes! You are going to give him a fanboy overload!! LOL!

Chris said...

Some guys seem to enjoy women beating each other up, in a weird way. Especially when they wear short skirts....

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

ROFL Chris! XD hahaha yep that's what it looks like to me, Avie....

@Wes, i want a powerful sword... like a zanpaktu >:3 that way i have a chance at Tifa XD