Dj Mix! :D

I was lately having trouble with my Torq gear (aka the pc-dj gear i paid a hundred dollars for). I was in the mood to mess with it for a bit, so I ended up struggling with the problems that were making me mad. I figured out one troublemaker and made it right, but the other one I still have yet to figure out what I did. If you care to know... I somehow turned the crossfader on the mixer into a sort of scratching thing for the audio clip that's on the right side... it's kinda hard to explain without pictures.

So anyway, I had to manually use the touchpad to crossfade and stuff. But I did it!
It turned out a bit softer and jazzy-er than I expected for a second Drum n bass mix (my first being a thirty minute long 'crazy' mix where i tossed in a LOT of Drum n Bass tunes to create one insane mix XD)

Anyway if you care to listen... which i beg of you to do!!! Here's the URL:

Click Here

Sooo besides that, I'm happy :)
Been chatting with bro for the past hour or so about Christmas presents, anime, manga, and pokemon. Mostly the latter XD
So anyway, check out the mix, leave a comment and rate pleaseeeeee :D

Thanks a bunch ^_^

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3 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

I have no idea what the buck you are talking about with your DJ stuffs but Im sure it is all awesome! :P

Talking about Christmas?? Already? Well, I was just telling Ryry yesterday that I am going to ask for a Totoro hoodie for Christmas! WOOT!

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

oooo =o funn!!!!
i'm getting my bro pokemon figures ^^ hehehehe
mom's getting a ds game from me.
dad's getting money. LOL! he's sooo hard to buy for @_@

i'm hoping for some manga, cds, and anime 8D

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

btw... it's always never too soon for Christmas >.>
i think it was the other day i was singing Jingle Bells XD hahahah