fun stuff *INCLUDES a mini-manga review!*

Sooooo I finished Samurai Champloo.
Talk about utterly random and hilarious XD
It was soooo far from the anime that I was all, wow... where was this scene and this scene and...

So which to do first? Read Samurai Champloo, or watch it? I would say READ it. Because the anime has closure, the manga really doesn't unless you read the BOGUS VOLUME 2!!!! :D LOL XD I am serious.....
Anyway.... sore throat... booo

But on the happier note... I'm talking to Wes again! :D yeah!!!! It was a very hard and depressing week and such without him X_X I'm glad he's back!

Errmm... so that's about it... I think....
Later y'all! :D

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~avie~ said...

I told you! Ha ha!! It was a strange manga! :)

Tell Wes I say hi! :)