I'm feeling musical today...

I was bored some time ago, I don't remember when.... So anyway I was going through last.fm (I have the app on my iTouch, that's what I was using ^^), just randomly going through K-pop and J-pop songs. And boy did I find a bunch of awesome ones!
Soo good are they that I think I'll share them with you guys :D

Hope you enjoy!!! ^_^
Just click on the song, and it will take you to the video on youtube :)

ガラガラGO!! / ビッグバン

BIGBANG featuring 2NE1 - Lollipop [MV] [HQ]

High and Mighty Color - Hot Limit [PV]

Ketchup Mania - Namida Vaccum [PV]

G-DRAGON - Heartbreaker (OFFICIAL MV) HQ

2NE1 - Fire [Space] *this was the best version of two: street and space*

Tae Goon - Call Me [Dance Version]

After School - Diva

After School - Ah

DaVichi - Love and War (with subs!)

DaVichi - 8282 (Hurry Hurry)

And this last one has two versions: the one i'm sending you guys to is the single scene where they're dancing ^^
안무 {Super Junior} - 영상 {SORRY SORRY}

Anyway that's all for now! ^_^ Hope you guys enjoyed! :D

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