XD ZOMG WTB BBQ!!!!!!!!!!

i want some BBQ now >.>

anyway, total random moment! I'm on a video streak, i swear! I'd be doing the cd collection video right now if it wasn't for me talking so loud i'd wake up the sleeping parents in the room right by mine XD

So anyway, I made this!

I hope it works out okay XD Song I used in there was the first fifteen seconds of "Tiffany Blews" by Fall Out Boy :D
I would have uploaded this to youtube but 1) they are doing stupid site maintenance, and 2) i kinda want to upload it to the not even made Kamikaze Strawberry Productions youtube channel where i vlog my butt off! :D

not literally >.>

anyway leave me comments so i know what you think!!!!

2 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

HA HA!!! I love it!!! Did you draw that strawberry? He is so cute!!! ^^

Chris said...

I like it. I'm guessing that's going at the start of all your videos from now on?