manga reviews

So when one does a manga review, is it fair to review the mangas if you've not read it all? XD

just wondering what y'all's thoughts were on that.

anyway, feeling better. box office in the morning is hellish though kinda T.T it's like i dont want the fan on me, but i do... but i dont... bleh... makes me sick XD i'm glad i'm off tomorrow!

anyway i might also do a vlog >.>
supper's being made so i wont do it yet. hehehe i dont even know what to talk about! XD

anyway... i've been reading a lot of my manga lately, which is what brought on the subject of manga reviews ^_^

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~avie~ said...

They have a fan blowing on you? How terrible!!! D:

Glad to hear you have the day off! I wish I did! :S