Temporary set back

So the whole CD collection video is taking forever to do... it was going to be simplified by organization via storage containers. I'd recently bought two for the CDs... was just putting them in and i realize something I wish I'd noticed before: it's too short!!!! the CDs stick up, so the lid wont close properly!!!! X_X
So yeah... that totally kills that idea. So I'll have to take the storage containers back to Target and find something taller T_T I'm not happy... but at least I put the receipt inside one of the boxes, unlike a certain receipt for the drawers that I'm using for the dvds... yep, I don't like the drawers, and now I can't find the receipt!!! X_X

Anyway... Just a teaser, here's a picture of, two thirds I think, of my collection: CDs #305-#1005 (found my Hilary Duff missing CD so it's back on the list :D)

Yes in the middle of that arrangement is the book thing I use to number and keep track of my CDs :)
Also note that despite those being CDs 305-1005... this isn't including my Anime OSTs... I forgot to pop them in there XD Anyway.... the teaser video is up on my youtube account: check it out CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT
Check it out please :)

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~avie~ said...


22GT said...

Wow..........Even I don't have that many. o.O I have like, what...90? 100? 150? Yikes!!! At least you keep track of all of those CDs with a book. If I attempted doing that, there'd be scratch marks, a bajillion missing pages, and...agh. It'd be a mess. =_= But yes...I agree!! HILARY DUFF!! She is awwwwwesome!! =)

Dew-chan said...

wow i didn't realize you two were Hilary Duff fans! :D

and i'm still trying to figure out the video TT_TT

Anonymous said...

Not a Hillary Duff fan. Guess there's no room for me in the club. x_x

But hey, I just looked at your teaser video. My gosh, that is just...INSANE! I'm sure probably everyone is going, waaa?!!?!? THAT'S A LOT OF CDs!!!! And I'm sorry but I have to say the same thing.


And now my friend here has a question for you:

Curious George: how long do you think it's taken you to collect that many?

Dew-chan said...

i've narrowed it down by using the copyright of the first CD i ever bought: 1996-ish i think it is? i'll have to double check, but i know its in the late nineties when i first bought it.

and that's apparently nothing O_O i was looking through youtube for ideas on how to do my video (and how not to do it LOL) and there's one guy with over 2500!!!!!! and that was one year ago >.>

anyway. . . . update on the video is on the blog.... T.T

Anonymous said...

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