Vlog Test :)

So, being bored, not having time to do my CD collection video---that will be done on Tuesday, I promise!!!! :D Anyway, I decided to test out maybe a possible vlog? using the same video camera as other videos I've been doing lately. Music in the background is Smile.DK "Dragonfly".

Anyway... had little to nothing to talk about XD So let me know what you guys think! Any suggestions would be wonderfffulllyyyy welcomeeee!!!!!! :D

okay so I had to NOT go directly from the video camera XD so i'm going the roundabout way, producing it on this program and then uploading it THAT way.... Oh well, i realized it was wayyy to big in amount anyway to upload directly, probably why it took so long X_X Anyway... hope you guys enjoy :)

time- 5:28 pm.... shortly before i go to work... it's still not done uploading/processing. Sheesh if I knew THIS was going to happen, I'd just do my vlogs on a separate youtube channel... maybe name it after this one ;D

I might just do that. . . . O.o hmmmm.... interesting idea..... :D

time- 5:30pm... oh look its just NOW processing XD

time- 5:34pm . . . it finished! :D

8 remarks you left for me!:

Wes said...

Ha! <3 i lovers dis video ^//////////^

Review ME! =D

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

what. . . review you?! XD hehehehe
what would i review you about? =o

Wes said...

idk... ike review me as your bestest ud idk XD i just wanna be mentioned in the next vlog! =D

Chris said...

Too...... much..... stuff!

And you call yourself the Frugal Otaku.....? :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Its Me Heather...Im a Friend Of Westons and he made me come and check you out, HI DJ!!!! *hugs*

Wayyyyyyyyyy TOOOOOO LAZYYYYYYYYY to make a blogger account thingy so I shall remain ANONYMOUS for now muhahaahahahaha.

Btw your Anime collection is nice *Steals*

Did you know you sound like Anne Hathaway O-o? thats kinda trippy.

Ok Imma stop posting before this message gets to long.....*edits* gets any longer......cya DJ ^_^

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

@"Anonymous" Heather :D hiya!!!
Wes told me about you.. and hey! *runs after anime thief* >=) you can borrow ^_^

yeah i just recently noticed that i do after rewatching these vlogs. i'm all 'woahhhh' O_O

hehehe :D hope you get a little less lazy and make a blogger... or maybe make a twitter??? ^_^ i love twittering!

Anonymous said...

Its Heather Again...I have a facebook now!!......well ok technically I had one for a while but when I signed up to make a facebook I lost my password the next day and said "fuck dont care!" and several months went by and finally I found my password so now I have a facebook again but there is nothing on it.....I need to post pictures and video blogs and stuff on there.

anyways just saying hi...*waves*

*side note* does this post seem long? goddamn I didn't know how long it was until I had to scroll down on this thing lol.

Anonymous said...

Heather again....I might make a live journal acct too....not sure though.

oh tell weston to give you my myspace thingy so you can add me as a friend.....wait...your probably on his friends list on myspace...*goes to check*