:D yeah for internet words!!

Anyway... it's about two am... and i'm clearing out those obnoxious drawers i got from wal-mart >:D Why you ask? Well, Mom discovered awesome shelves for $17-ish each :D i got three, which should be plentiful for that side of the room. Anyway, i just emptied the drawers out, so now I've got an awesome mess!!!! :D CHYAH!!! XD
I bet you're wondering WHY in the WORLD am i doing this at TWO AM!!!!!???
Mom told me to.

hahahaha :D that's only half of the reason why XD It's because 1) tomorrow is my grandma's birthday party. We're going to this lake place, then coming back to our house for cake and ice cream, num num :D 2) the shelves can't stay forever in the back of my van @.@ And soooo comes to 3) In order to have this alllll finished before we leave for the party tomorrow morning... I have to clear this all outtttt before bed X_X Dad's going to do the transfer, then in the mornin' before we hop-skip-swim I get to go to wal-mart and say "HA HA!!! Take theseeee back and gimme my near-two hundred dollahhhssss!!" >:D

I know right?! Two hundred on those stupid things X_X I bought thirteen, i remember because the lady doing the count to check and make sure i wasn't stealing anything--as ifff ladyyy, besides you dont have anything worth stealing >.>--erm anywho... ^^; She made the remark about how thirteen was unlucky, which I smirked and stated, "can't be too unlucky cuz it's my birthday" She just grinned, a bit surprise and said "oh well I guess so". HAHAHAHAHA XD


What better way to wrap this up and do the "drop stuff off my bed onto the floor before sleep" routine, with a new 'tester' video... I dare say this one looks worse than the DVD collection T.T grrr....

VIDEO GAMES!!!! (I almost said 'anyway' again >.>)
Enjoy :D and goodnightttt :3

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~avie~ said...

Now when I go to your blog I feel like it is Lia's because you have the same pink background! X___X

Way to save money and get a refund from Wal Mart! AWESOME!!!

Have fun at the lake-ish place today and nomming your party foods! :)

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

LOL XD i'm changing the layout probably... it just wanted something different!!!! X_X