wii would like to blog! :D

So anyway I've got a mad craze for videogaming suddenly... I think that application to gamestop is at fault here ;P So I recently grabbed my Bleach: Blade of Fate DS game and started playing it. I think I'm in love! LOL I finally find another genre I'm good at! Even bro, whose PS3 name--if anyone wants to add him >.>--is VGManiac456... lol! He's like our videogame dude, the go-to guy :P Anyway... He says I'm really good at it ;P I think I detected jealous. LOL... Anyway, I've been looking around for more 2D Fighting games. I'm presently winning a bid on another 2d game (wont say what cuz you might snipe it from me :P), and hoping I get it! Might even go out and buy something for the PS3 maybe.
Been wanting to grab a Halo game, but meh... no gold membership on the 360 T.T Anyway....

As some of you know, I was trained as projectionist a couple days ago. Anyway, that went GREAT!!! :D I did the last round (which was only the second round that day) by myself ^^ So it was awesome! Didn't really make much of a goofup. Learned real fast how to thread the projection with the film pretty much on that first round (we have 8 projections altogether). It was AWESOME! I had so much fun... I DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE! O_O
Now when have you heard me say "wish I could've stayed longer at work?" :P Just about... NEVER! XD Not even when I first started I think did I wish to stay longer than scheduled! So anyway that was cool. Also got the days off needed for when I go up to OK this weekend/week :D That should be fun too.

Hmmm... nothing else to say. I might charge up my PSP and play that DYnasty Warriors game I haven't touched >.> I swear....

AH! The DS Holds a charge WAYYYYY more than the PSP! O_O
I have the 'phat' DS, DS Lite, and the PSP slim (2000?). I recently charged the PSP some time ago, a lot sooner than the DS Lite, and most definitely sooner than the phat. Anyway... I go to turn it on cuz I'm on this need for gaming spree... PSP won't turn on, of course; battery is dead :P I turn on the PHAT, it comes on; turn on the Lite, it turns on. GREEN, by the way. No red light! So yeah.... PSP in my eyes is the lesser of the two handhelds >.> Tho i do love some of its games... Castlevania, DJ Max fever, Dynasty Warriors and such.... But still... cartridges ftw!!!!


the tour....

duh duh duh duhhhhhh~~~~

Here we go! :D


pickles in a jar

how many pickles are in a jar!?
well depends on the size. but that has absolutely nothing to do with this subject today!!! i'm just in a crazy mood because i was in box office from 10:55am to 11pm!!! 8D minus a thirty minute break... but anyway.....

I was going to have a small new vlog posted up, but the cool intro Otaku Gray (one of my friends on youtube who makes AMVs) won't cooperate and he's a bit busy to send a different file type of the vid XD i wanted to post that up on it... but...... O.o i guess i don't know. . . .
So... I'm also going to do a video of my room, like one of those neat otaku room videos you may or may not have seen on youtube. just waiting for monday so i can finally post up my posters! :D gonna look awesome!!! XD i hope... lol!!!

~~on family news~~
going with my grandma to oklahoma next week. i just hope the GM gives me my requested days off. i'll be mad if he doesn't! GRRRR >=( Anyway, going to see my great-grandma and family up there. *gives a wave to Avie* hehehe :3

Soooo that's about it. no new buys because i'm so tight on money that i'm using my leftover walmart gift card to buy foods and stuff XD thank goodness we get paid this Thursday, tho i dread what the amount will be on it >.<

Hmmm so i think that's it? :) yep!

so later otakus!


It's peanut butter manga time!!!! 8D

Okay creepy and utterly strange title. But oh well who cares?

What's up for today? Two vlogs =D
One's a manga review though:

This one's the vlog ^^

Make sure to go to the videos on youtube to rate themmmmmmm =3

errr that's all i think. bye!

ps... does it look strange in 16:9 ratio? ^^;



^^ I have nothing to say really. . . . kinda bored. staying up late, RPing with my second favorite RPer on myspace.... basically all really. Been watching a lot of Golden Girls instead of anime. Oh well! Sometimes you need that old good comedy with REAL PEOPLE in it! XD Probably catch up on my anime sometime... eh... looking for a new job, been offered by the new GM to start training as the projectionist--yep the one in charge of the movies! and here at this theater, it's actual FILM not some digital mumbo jumbo :P so yeah.... that's comin' up interestingly enough. oh also coming up is AUTUMN!!!! And lots of goodies of holidays :D like Thanksgiving and Christmas... speaking of, Mom asked what I want for Christmas and I kinda blanked. I was all.. uhmmm... geee idk... get back with ya on that later :P ohhh i know what I'd love to have... that new ZuneHD!!!! >.> if only the highest were more than 32 gig... bleh... i've filled my 80gig almost halfway now. :D yeah! hmmm maybe i should ask for a terrabyte thingy O.o that could come in handy! =D

Oi! That's all!


meh just another blog

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. . . . . . . . . . . . .
I'm bored :D

Listening to a song over again ten times, but I still like it. Yep that's fun. Eating popcorn that's from the microwave not from work, lacking butter and the yummy fattening flavor I've been spoiled to... yep.... Oh and let's not forget the fact that these past days, it's been raining nonstop. That's nice, except for two incidents. One on Friday and one on Saturday. But I'm fine and well, and so is my car... Except for a little dent >.> Oh well. Idiots and rain don't mix T_T And some drivers are complete dolts sometimes.... But anyway.... uhmm... Going to do a vlog sometime this week, cuz I'm off for the next three days O_O Want to do some story-writing on the Odyssey of Karpyshyn, but I'm at a loss for the next chapter T.T
Uhmmm Mom found me an anime soundtrack, got it at Half Price Books for $6 i think. I haven't checked it out yet XD Been soooo busy this past week with dog-sitting and stuff.

Here's some pictures of the dog I was watching. IDK why I'm posting them... hahaha

And now... for breaking news. Dew censorship has become crazy! O_O

LOL! Gotta love my craziness XD

Anyway... I can't think of anything else to say. :P Going to attempt job hunting tomorrow. >.> I'd rather do it some other day... but Mom's stubborn and won't let me put it off -_- Oh well. Afterwards I hope to manage to go to see Transformers 2 :D


Manga update and quick bits of goodies :D

So anyway.... here's the lo-down on what I got during Half Price Books' 20% off sale :D

And now.... As mentioned in the video... what you didn't watch it?! O_O
Go watch it.... -waits-

Done? okay :D
So as mentioned in the video, I've got a box full of "new" Robotech comics! :D Unfortunately it's not all of them that exist. that would be crazy cool... but no... There's so many of them @_@ if they weren't in stacks according to series right now, I wouldn't be able to see my bed! XD
Which is a king by the way >.> In case you didn't know... that would help XD

The majority of the goodies comics are from Macross Saga and The New Generation. Which is awesome, because the New Generation series is my favorite of the three :D Among them are The Sentinels, and even one called ROBOTECH THE MOVIE! O_O that one's volume one!! :D Epically cool if I do say so ^^
There's a whole bunch others... I might upload pictures, or simply do a quick vid. IDK which one I'll do haha XD

Hmmm so earlier I saw Public Enemies, featuring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. It was actually... boring o.o BAHHH!! XD That movie isn't short either! TT_TT So later... after I check on my grandma's doggie--whom, along with my brother, I'm ''babysitting'' lol--I'm going to watch another movie I was all pumped up and excited about: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll let you know what I think about it ^^
-sigh- I'm going to need another manga shelf at this rate O.o;



♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Tunies! :D

Music notes are fun... ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

hehehehe ;3

Anyway, I am running away from the chore of putting up posters... hahaha... Going to see Star Trek again for the second time, this time with Mom and Dad :) Should be a blast! I'd be wearing my Star Trek shirt, except I got mustard AND ketchup on it! XD hahaha boooo

Oh well >.> That's whatchya get... for not using napkins! -_- may this be a lesson to you people.... Always have a napkin on your lap... and eat over a plate!

On another note.... I want to buy manga soooo bad! This Labor Day weekend, Half Price Books *my alll timeeee favoriteeee storeeeeee here in the USA!* is having a sale on EVERYTHING: 20% off!!! -shrieks-

Go figure that this month is the month that just about every bill on Earth that I have is due @_@ Time to do some unwanted 'mini-budgeting' XD hehehe
As you people might know, I don't budget well XD er... at all, really LOL
So here's to trying in the name of my poor wallet! ♪ ♪
Yeah music tunes :)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Oh and here's also to TRANCE MUSIC!!!! *lifts up iTouch* YEAH! :D
Go listen to this song:

"Beautiful" ~ Ferry Corsten

That's your homework. Anyway.... Later everyone!!! -runs off to hide from the posters again-