It's peanut butter manga time!!!! 8D

Okay creepy and utterly strange title. But oh well who cares?

What's up for today? Two vlogs =D
One's a manga review though:

This one's the vlog ^^

Make sure to go to the videos on youtube to rate themmmmmmm =3

errr that's all i think. bye!

ps... does it look strange in 16:9 ratio? ^^;

2 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

WAAA!!! I want you to mention me in your next vlog!!! Avie's question:

Dew-chan, How come you like to buy your CDs, manga, and anime rather than download them for free on the interwebs?

Great vid! ^^

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

avie :D you got it! XD
i'll even have a side-link to your bento blog :DD

love the new avatar!!!! so cute! :3