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I'm bored :D

Listening to a song over again ten times, but I still like it. Yep that's fun. Eating popcorn that's from the microwave not from work, lacking butter and the yummy fattening flavor I've been spoiled to... yep.... Oh and let's not forget the fact that these past days, it's been raining nonstop. That's nice, except for two incidents. One on Friday and one on Saturday. But I'm fine and well, and so is my car... Except for a little dent >.> Oh well. Idiots and rain don't mix T_T And some drivers are complete dolts sometimes.... But anyway.... uhmm... Going to do a vlog sometime this week, cuz I'm off for the next three days O_O Want to do some story-writing on the Odyssey of Karpyshyn, but I'm at a loss for the next chapter T.T
Uhmmm Mom found me an anime soundtrack, got it at Half Price Books for $6 i think. I haven't checked it out yet XD Been soooo busy this past week with dog-sitting and stuff.

Here's some pictures of the dog I was watching. IDK why I'm posting them... hahaha

And now... for breaking news. Dew censorship has become crazy! O_O

LOL! Gotta love my craziness XD

Anyway... I can't think of anything else to say. :P Going to attempt job hunting tomorrow. >.> I'd rather do it some other day... but Mom's stubborn and won't let me put it off -_- Oh well. Afterwards I hope to manage to go to see Transformers 2 :D

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~avie~ said...

Looks like the rain has stopped here... FOR NOW!! No doubt it will be back but I aint complaining! It is a nice change and the cool weather has been wonderful!!

The dog is so cute!

New job, eh? No more movie theater?

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

maybe. maybe not. we'll see. i put in an application for Gamestop, but they won't do interviews until the first of October! X_X
Oh well.

Yeah, i like the weather right now. I had my ac turned OFF and the windows rolled down ^^ nice breeze

soon it'll be time for jeans and long-sleeved shirts!... though i'm already wearing jeans. HAHA