^^ I have nothing to say really. . . . kinda bored. staying up late, RPing with my second favorite RPer on myspace.... basically all really. Been watching a lot of Golden Girls instead of anime. Oh well! Sometimes you need that old good comedy with REAL PEOPLE in it! XD Probably catch up on my anime sometime... eh... looking for a new job, been offered by the new GM to start training as the projectionist--yep the one in charge of the movies! and here at this theater, it's actual FILM not some digital mumbo jumbo :P so yeah.... that's comin' up interestingly enough. oh also coming up is AUTUMN!!!! And lots of goodies of holidays :D like Thanksgiving and Christmas... speaking of, Mom asked what I want for Christmas and I kinda blanked. I was all.. uhmmm... geee idk... get back with ya on that later :P ohhh i know what I'd love to have... that new ZuneHD!!!! >.> if only the highest were more than 32 gig... bleh... i've filled my 80gig almost halfway now. :D yeah! hmmm maybe i should ask for a terrabyte thingy O.o that could come in handy! =D

Oi! That's all!

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~avie~ said...

WAAA! DEW!! I LOVE Golden Girls!!! DUDE! Thise old ladies were so awesome! I watch it all the time on The Hallmark Channel!

Christmas... so far I know I want a Totoro hoodie! :) ... and like you, i need an external hard drive to back up all my music and pictures.