wii would like to blog! :D

So anyway I've got a mad craze for videogaming suddenly... I think that application to gamestop is at fault here ;P So I recently grabbed my Bleach: Blade of Fate DS game and started playing it. I think I'm in love! LOL I finally find another genre I'm good at! Even bro, whose PS3 name--if anyone wants to add him >.>--is VGManiac456... lol! He's like our videogame dude, the go-to guy :P Anyway... He says I'm really good at it ;P I think I detected jealous. LOL... Anyway, I've been looking around for more 2D Fighting games. I'm presently winning a bid on another 2d game (wont say what cuz you might snipe it from me :P), and hoping I get it! Might even go out and buy something for the PS3 maybe.
Been wanting to grab a Halo game, but meh... no gold membership on the 360 T.T Anyway....

As some of you know, I was trained as projectionist a couple days ago. Anyway, that went GREAT!!! :D I did the last round (which was only the second round that day) by myself ^^ So it was awesome! Didn't really make much of a goofup. Learned real fast how to thread the projection with the film pretty much on that first round (we have 8 projections altogether). It was AWESOME! I had so much fun... I DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE! O_O
Now when have you heard me say "wish I could've stayed longer at work?" :P Just about... NEVER! XD Not even when I first started I think did I wish to stay longer than scheduled! So anyway that was cool. Also got the days off needed for when I go up to OK this weekend/week :D That should be fun too.

Hmmm... nothing else to say. I might charge up my PSP and play that DYnasty Warriors game I haven't touched >.> I swear....

AH! The DS Holds a charge WAYYYYY more than the PSP! O_O
I have the 'phat' DS, DS Lite, and the PSP slim (2000?). I recently charged the PSP some time ago, a lot sooner than the DS Lite, and most definitely sooner than the phat. Anyway... I go to turn it on cuz I'm on this need for gaming spree... PSP won't turn on, of course; battery is dead :P I turn on the PHAT, it comes on; turn on the Lite, it turns on. GREEN, by the way. No red light! So yeah.... PSP in my eyes is the lesser of the two handhelds >.> Tho i do love some of its games... Castlevania, DJ Max fever, Dynasty Warriors and such.... But still... cartridges ftw!!!!

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~avie~ said...

I am so glad that you are enjoying your new position at work! YEAH!!!!

Eehhhhh, I haven't picked up my DS in ages! I love gaming but I just never seen to have the time and when I DO have time - I want to catch up on reading rather than gaming... never enough time in the day, is there?

Good luck on your eBay auction!

Chris said...

Why don't you use your XBox360 account. :(

I like fighters. Still having lots of fun playing Street Fighter IV since it came out in February! That's a long time to be enjoying one game. Thank God for online play! :D

Chris said...

*and then IWS decided to read the rest of the post and noticed why Dee doesn't use XBox Live* XD

Anyway, that projectionist job sounds great. So, does that mean you get to watch the movies now too? I think that would probably be my dream job. Until you realise you could potentially be sitting through movies like GI Joe multiple times in one weekend! THE HORROR! :o

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