simple little post really :)

Soooo guess what I did on Wednesday before work? Give up? Here's a clue ;D

That's right!!! I saw the THIS IS IT movie! :D
I tried to take a picture of the ticket, but it's white so the flash of the camera reflects... And I'm too lazy to turn it off XD Besides knowing me I'd end up turning it off and forgetting to change it :P haha...

Here's the front and back of that lanyard! Came free when we got our tickets. I went with my grandma, she's a big time MJ fan ^^ It was fun! Had popcorn and stuff :) But anyway, I ended up with her senior ticket, so that's kinda funny XD

Basically that's all the fun stuff that's happened lately. I'm working all day Halloween as projectionist, so I'm not bothering to dress up this year. Oh well! :D Later guys!!

PS... I was in such a good mood as projectionist last night XD I was listening to my MJ songs and practicing my moonwalking! >:D
I think I'm doing good >.>

THRILLER!!!! *dances* :D


wow... catch up? XD

Duuuuude it's almost been a whole MONTH since I last posted on this here blogger!! O_O Now THAT is far far far far.... too long! :P Soooooo... uhm... throughout that time, I shall try to recall what's gone down XD

Uhm... recently, I big time updated my manga shelf... woot woot... There's a bunch of videos on my kamikazestrwbry youtube account, one being the manga update:

uhh... yeahhh there's a BUNCH more vlogging videos XD randomly among them is this here fun thing I just couldn't resist uploading xD

Uhm... more fun kamikazestrwbry videos... you'll just have to go to my account xD there's just too many!!! Including~~~~~ a fun new mini-episode show I've started :D
The first two episodes are featured as openers for my vlogs:

The third I finally uploaded as a singular awesome vid all in its own :D

I like the intro XD heheeheee....

Uhm let's see... what else has happened? O.o
well the week after my failed trip to OK, my hours at work SKYROCKETED!!! XD I mean... friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday... DOUBLE SHIFTS! 8D So this coming paycheck should be delicious (much needed yes! XD) I'm loving being projectionist, but haven't had many of those.... uh...mmmm.... what else? O.o
Nothing really.... >.>
So yeah, twitter and youtube :D check it!
kamikazestrwbry!!!! :D



Alas, I didn't get to go to Oklahoma :( I was suppose to go with my mom's mom, but she had a miserable of a headache, so we didn't get to go XD
So I'm slightly miffed, because that means I got those days off, when I could've not and made a bit more than the measely 14 hours this week is going to give me >.< Oh welll~~~~

Hmmm on a more wonderful--the budget disagrees >.>-- side... That very sunday I was suppose to be enduring the drive up to OK, Mom and Dad and I went to Half Price Books. NATURALLLYYY I find something.

Here's the video! :D
Excuse my lack of enthusiasm. It wasn't just because of not going to OK, it was also because until yesterday, I couldn't log online on my laptop, hence no video making and whatnot... why? because i had no net security >.< I do now, so yeah!! :D

And here's the latest vid!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ that video... argh... horrible focus, horrible sound xD hahahaha go figure. No wonder it only took fifteen minutes to upload >.> Anyway... enjoy and respond back via youtube!!! :D

La la la....~~~~~ i wanna make another vid! XD