Alas, I didn't get to go to Oklahoma :( I was suppose to go with my mom's mom, but she had a miserable of a headache, so we didn't get to go XD
So I'm slightly miffed, because that means I got those days off, when I could've not and made a bit more than the measely 14 hours this week is going to give me >.< Oh welll~~~~

Hmmm on a more wonderful--the budget disagrees >.>-- side... That very sunday I was suppose to be enduring the drive up to OK, Mom and Dad and I went to Half Price Books. NATURALLLYYY I find something.

Here's the video! :D
Excuse my lack of enthusiasm. It wasn't just because of not going to OK, it was also because until yesterday, I couldn't log online on my laptop, hence no video making and whatnot... why? because i had no net security >.< I do now, so yeah!! :D

And here's the latest vid!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ that video... argh... horrible focus, horrible sound xD hahahaha go figure. No wonder it only took fifteen minutes to upload >.> Anyway... enjoy and respond back via youtube!!! :D

La la la....~~~~~ i wanna make another vid! XD

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~avie~ said...


Ha ha, thanks for the answer! I love the SD Kyo boxset! Gorgeous!

Kamikaze Strawberry said...

hehe you're welcome!
what's even neater is that the thumbnail shows off the subtitle for you i did XD hehehehe

~avie~ said...

YES!!! I loved that too! :P