wow... catch up? XD

Duuuuude it's almost been a whole MONTH since I last posted on this here blogger!! O_O Now THAT is far far far far.... too long! :P Soooooo... uhm... throughout that time, I shall try to recall what's gone down XD

Uhm... recently, I big time updated my manga shelf... woot woot... There's a bunch of videos on my kamikazestrwbry youtube account, one being the manga update:

uhh... yeahhh there's a BUNCH more vlogging videos XD randomly among them is this here fun thing I just couldn't resist uploading xD

Uhm... more fun kamikazestrwbry videos... you'll just have to go to my account xD there's just too many!!! Including~~~~~ a fun new mini-episode show I've started :D
The first two episodes are featured as openers for my vlogs:

The third I finally uploaded as a singular awesome vid all in its own :D

I like the intro XD heheeheee....

Uhm let's see... what else has happened? O.o
well the week after my failed trip to OK, my hours at work SKYROCKETED!!! XD I mean... friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday... DOUBLE SHIFTS! 8D So this coming paycheck should be delicious (much needed yes! XD) I'm loving being projectionist, but haven't had many of those.... uh...mmmm.... what else? O.o
Nothing really.... >.>
So yeah, twitter and youtube :D check it!
kamikazestrwbry!!!! :D

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~avie~ said...

YEAH! I am so happy to hear from you!! I have missed my Dew-Chan!!!

Glad the new job is going well!! And HECKYEAH for deliciouse pay checks!

Take care!!!