OHAYO!!!! :D

So this week will be hectic, I'm actually able to get on here because I'm kinda bored after a running chat with fifteen (not literally) different people on MSN and MyspaceIM... XD

So let's play catch up! ^^
No new manga bought.
No new anime bought.
No new anything bought!

Christmas is coming up, but first comes Thanksgiving ^^ I'm working Thanksgiving night, bleh oh well, at least I'm projectionist :3 My fave position! XD I love it! ^^ Uhm... My story I started on the blogger is kinda failing if any of you have been following it, so sorry I haven't added onto it! D: I've been both busy and kinda mad at it. I'm not liking the first person view XD I forget and end up having to go back and editing out the fact that I ended up writing third person view (I'll explain only if you ask :P) instead.

OH! :D
On awesome news via youtube, I started a collaboration channel ^^ We haven't gotten any of our videos up yet, but will start this Monday :) I'm the Tuesday person, and the founder ;P hehehe
So check us out please! ^^


Uhm that's really all o.o
Thanks! ^^ Bai bai!


so i went walking into a store....

...and the front of the store said HALF PRICE BOOKS... and well...

I come out with a bazillion goodies! XD
give or take a few trillion... O_o
So Mom found these interesting Japanese mangas =o made by Koei Game Comics, and I suspect that these are based off of the games Koei makes (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, etc). When I figure it out, I'll let you guys know :D

Of course manga! :P Lots of new goodies ^^ I'm especially happy to have Yotsuba, volume 1 of Tsubasa, Othello, and Imadoki in my collection! Hey, Lia... Lookie! GUNDAM! XD hehe

Q-Ko-chan! :D One of the very few "Q" titled mangas O_O This is also by the same guy who made FLCL, the artwork is evident in that. so far it's interesting. This is actually a big hardback with a cool hard cover to go over it. There is even a bookmark attached to the book's spine! XD One of those ribbony bookmarks :3

No otaku's anime shelf is satisfied--not even my bulging one--until THESE babies are on it! 8D My otakuness just went OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, i just had to XD)

By the way, the DBZ seasons are the only thing new to the anime shelf photo'd above XD

uhm don't know what else to talk about really.
you should check out my vlogs 8D haha XD it kills two birds with one stone in a metaphorical sense: i upload a video on my becoming-famous(?)ish?? XD youtube account, and kinda am blogging as well!
the latest one I'm starting a new fad called Manga Alphabet :D
Basically you take the titles of your mangas, A-Z, and figure out which ones you have, and which ones you are missing =P
As of now, I'm missing the mysteriously hidden "J" O_o I found Q recently :D You can see it up above on the photos of awesome mangas I bought :3
Hmmmm what else? O_o
Work's been slow. I've been strangely tired most days for no real reason.
Oh... We have rodents in the house O_O Dad put out some poison, it seems to be working :3 But bro found another baby rat in his room XD Dad caught it! :O what a commotion it was though xD I got to see the baby rat....

it was kinda cute O_o;

Uhm anyway....
Vertical Limit is now mine >:3

For those who didn't know, TM Revolution is my ABSOLUTE FAVE J-pop artist 8D
i'm listening to it now too ^^

Anyway.... I think that's all really :P Nothing much going on.
Have a great rest of the weekend and week! :D



So yeah, it's apparently Nation Novel Writing Month as November.... Before I knew that, I was already writing up a new sci-fi idea that had randomly come to me. Its going to be on a blog not under this 'name'/email address :P Here's the linkie thingy:


pretty sure that's it anyway... lol... uhm so nothing new...
If you don't already follow me on twitter or youtube, then get to it! XD That's where I'm at mostly nowadays... IDK... blogger just... not enough followers? Not sure. Oh well... I'll pop on here every so often for those of you who don't have a twitter or youtube channel :P