OHAYO!!!! :D

So this week will be hectic, I'm actually able to get on here because I'm kinda bored after a running chat with fifteen (not literally) different people on MSN and MyspaceIM... XD

So let's play catch up! ^^
No new manga bought.
No new anime bought.
No new anything bought!

Christmas is coming up, but first comes Thanksgiving ^^ I'm working Thanksgiving night, bleh oh well, at least I'm projectionist :3 My fave position! XD I love it! ^^ Uhm... My story I started on the blogger is kinda failing if any of you have been following it, so sorry I haven't added onto it! D: I've been both busy and kinda mad at it. I'm not liking the first person view XD I forget and end up having to go back and editing out the fact that I ended up writing third person view (I'll explain only if you ask :P) instead.

OH! :D
On awesome news via youtube, I started a collaboration channel ^^ We haven't gotten any of our videos up yet, but will start this Monday :) I'm the Tuesday person, and the founder ;P hehehe
So check us out please! ^^


Uhm that's really all o.o
Thanks! ^^ Bai bai!

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~avie~ said...

Good to hear from ya!

I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your new position at work!! YEAH!!!

Miss ya!