MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so quick update because I'm trying to not abandon this blog so much x3



it was awesome XD
pictures and/or video may come soon/tomorrow :D




Well I wouldn't be if I hadn't surrendered to curiosity at work yesterday [Saturday] T_T
Most should know I work at a movie theater. Well this week we got Paranormal Activity. Now if you, for some reason, haven't heard of this movie, it's suppose to be REALLY CREEPY. Like, freak you out scary, cause the whole audience to shriek in fear creepy. Yeah that kind. The horror kind. The R-rated for language and other stuff kind.
Well, curiosity got the best of me since people either hate it or it scared the... well... the life out of them almost. o.o; i don't hate it... except for the fact that I CAN'T SLEEP! XDDD
I was fine, getting in bed early... ready to fall asleep, charge myself up for the double shift to come [Sunday]. and then the images that really scared you from that movie--or at least the parts i saw (was working Usher and was super bored somewhat so i ended up popping into there; i saw the ending).
and then i found myself doing what i thought i wouldn't do because i half-expected those scenes to come from the movie anyway! I COULDNT SLEEP! i didn't imagine anything, i just couldnt sleep because every time i closed my eyes, i saw the images of that darn movie pop up!

so i'm awake.
it's about 5:40am...
i've been watching anime, mostly minami-ke. two more episodes and i'll have finished that series. but got kinda bored with it--i do that, even to a really good show.

so now....
i'm bored. x.x and tired....

i remembered i hadn't updated this thing since like, November I think it was?
well a lot's gone on since then. i'm off again, on again looking for a new job because our new GM (General Manager) at the theater is making work totally unfun. and i mean, to the point of ridiculous. there's a lot of stuff going on, so yeah, joy....
i've almost been there a year, well i guess they suggest i have been because i got my neat anniversary pin. i'd show you but well... ;P camera needs batteries and i'm a lazy tired person... XD

uhm other news... Christmas is this week.
yeah! :DD

i made my first AMV:

lots of other vids uploaded on my youtube channel kamikazestrwbry...
uhhhmmm.... what else? O_o
i have 440 manga right now. i'll be definitely getting more for Christmas ^^
uhm... oh! i started a collab channel! be nice and check them out, subscribe if you have a youtube account :D

it's a lot of fun ^^ i'm the Tuesday Otaku. each one of us, basically, gets our own day of the week. and each week usually has themes and stuff :) it's fun

uhm... i was sick a few days last week. but thanks to some nasty tasting Dayquil(it works?) and a daily morning Sunny-Delight :D i'm 100% again ^^

wow there's a lot, i think, that i'm not mentioning but can't think of >.<
anyway, miss you all lots! whoever still reads this....