CATCH UP... again >.>

Geeeeez I take forever to update the blogger XD

Not much to talk about.

SevenOtakus (my anime/manga collab channel) seems to be doing well enough :) Thanks if you're subscribed/friended!!! Means a lot guys/girls :P

Hmmm... I think I have not spoken of my lastest goodies.
I haven't bought a lot of manga and or anything else because I'm TRYING to save money for my too-close-not-distant future :P I know at any moment I'm going to end up buying a manga or something, but that's who I am ya know? :P

Speaking offffff....
I think the ANIME&MANGA LIST blog is behind again... -.- geez...

just go here! :D


hehehe sorry you can't just click on a link XD I'm too lazy to grab the code so you can >.>

Anyway.. uhm...
Nice talking to you guys... hehee ^^;
I'll try not to forget about it again!!! XD

Do or do not... there is no try! ~ Yoda

a wise green one, he is. yes... mhmhmh.. ^^

Anywayyy I'm out! :D